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CASTLE CHURCH TRUST issues FaceBook Warning

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  • CASTLE CHURCH TRUST issues FaceBook Warning

    Hi Everybody;

    I wrote a post on Bishop Castle Colorado.

    Warning: Cryptocurrency is slated for a collapse. The Uplines are promoting that it will double in value on October 1. This may happen but my warning below is that by around the 10th, these same upline gurus and pundits will cash out, crashing cryptocurrency. Let me explain in terms of the mission and charter of CASTLE CHURCH TRUST.

    This NOTICE OF LIEN is about the bogus judicial officer oaths in America and world central banking. I am including the Certificate of Service:

    You choose, whether to go on, finish the text or to get a look at the NOTICE to the "chief judge" Tim TYMKOVICH at the Tenth Circuit in Denver. The first pages of this link will give you an idea of where I am coming from so you can decide if you are reading perceptions or knowledge, for yourself:

    You can watch for delivery, Wednesday, and be a Witness. Plug in 1ZV326300364816740:

    Mr. BRYAN in Washington at the USDC slated the Olympus Ordeal, renamed the Gospel of Biocosmetric Sonoluminescence be dismissed on August 13 which date was the Ninth of Av. This is a day of memorial for the Jewish people, a sort of minor holiday but with the negative actions of God's judgment in the heart. For example both times that the Temple has been destroyed were exactly on this calendar day.

    It helps to understand that my job as heir and resulting trustee within central banking has always been careful release valve regulation of the highly compressed information infrastructures required to maintain the delusion that debt has value or substance. The Amendments to the Bretton Woods Agreements removed the exchange rate of the dollar from gold and put them on "paper gold" called Special Drawing Rights (SDR's). This was the beginning of cryptocurrency. My definition for SDR as a basket of currencies is, "The measure of society's conditioning to blindly endorse the private credit from the local central bank." In America, that central bank is called the Federal Reserve.

    Jim and I discussed this before I bought Bishop Castle. My resulting trust is central banking and his is BISHOP of Rome, or the breach of trust by Vatican. So I was expecting something BIG to go down on the Ninth of Av, August 13. Instead I believe I received a warning: (See the chart below.)

    I felt a bit silly, hoping for catastrophe when my job has always been careful release of the implosion, to avoid catastrophe. My point is that the "weakest" most fictional of all currencies is obviously cryptocurrency.

    So please get a look at what a pundit, Jaro on Sovereign Warriors says:

    "Checkout my ONECOIN ACCOUNT.

    I bought a Pro TRADER package in March, and now that $1100 investment turned into 411 ONECOINS. Multiply that by 6.9 Euros per onecoin, and it's worth about $3000. Some people in my downline bought several Pro Trader packages, Executive and Tycoon packages, so they did even better.

    And that's all ONLY from MINING, not from any promoting/MLM. And on Oct.1, they'll DOUBLE our onecoins, so I'll have 822 of them :-)

    I mean, everybody knows that MINING silver and gold is profitable, but not many people realize that it's the same when it comes to MINING digital CRYPTO CURRENCY."
    This is the first time Jaro has blatantly revealed his upline in the MLM. I feel this is worth conveying to everybody; that if you are in cryptocurrencies be ready for it to be ran upon.
    Click image for larger version

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    I viewed a post and one of the subscribers to Sovereign Warriors complained that Jaro had to quit marketing and get back to information only, or be dropped. A flurry of new posts followed but by the time I tried to view them the blog was vacated. This morning it is still down.
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