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Pragmatism and Bishop Castle

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  • Pragmatism and Bishop Castle

    I believe you David Merrill; Pragmatism will put an end to war. Therefore it (Bishop Castle) will be named CASTLE CHURCH - For the Redemption of the Title BISHOP.
    I could tell it meant a lot to Jim as he said that because he stood up from his folding chair. We immediately went over the designation of upper case letters and changed Title to Office as Jim was now trustee of the Resulting Trust, caused by the breach of trust of the Bishop of Rome - the POPE. Pragmatism describes the ending of Christianity as a guilt-based religion. The document/doctrine itself is designed so that there is never any final draft so if you really enjoy historical chronicling then you would probably read Pragmatism as it was when I handed it to Jim, and then when you have time read it in a more current rendition. I will update the current rendition occasionally.
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