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Destiny and Legacy of Bishop Castle

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  • Destiny and Legacy of Bishop Castle

    One Suitor Wrote:

    Good Evening David,

    Thank you for the attachment, greatly appreciated and held with good intentions...

    My father, he lives in Pueblo, I believe the same town as the gentlemen who has the uncle who lives in CO. Springs, mentioned the gentlemen, said he built it for years by himself refusing help, I'm curious for his motivation of the looks amazing...I also must say you're a man with good intentions with helping the suitors.

    This attachment might give some perspective worth your time.

    I have only done safety work on the Castle, and that was after it was bought and paid for. However I did put up some decoration on the brace I installed at the end of the Bridge to Nowhere. The intersections of the star are at 61.55% the length of each segment, showing the same growth ratio found in nature. This is a symbol of potential and is not intended to detract from Jim's work at all.

    Using the Castle for rectifying the judiciary (bogus judges oaths), prosecuting Inuit child kidnap by the State of Alaska and now the 2003 theft from hundreds of trust accounts has been quite complimentary to Jim's achievements - our collective sense of justice. Bishop Castle certainly symbolizes unbridled imagination, as well as unlimited productivity that one man might produce in a lifetime. Jim understands undertaking BISHOP OF ROME as trustee for that Office BISHOP - that is to say, breach of trust by the Pope. While I undertake both resulting trusts with VAN PELT as in central banking; Congress deferring the value of money to the Federal Reserve, which instrumentality drove that value far beyond into the ground through various Securitization markets. As I started Securitization with the 31-Day Government Shutdown in late 1995, CASTLE CHURCH TRUST now ends Securitization as we find China joining Special Drawing Rights - withdrawing from BRICS; Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

    Using our imaginations together for a permanent legacy for Bishop Castle summarizes Jim's and my entire relationship.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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